20 Products Every Beard Lover Should Own

Beards are an evolutionary carry-over, and because they’re not showing any sign of disappearing anytime soon, whatever kind of facial hair you’re capable of growing, it makes sense to make the most of it.

A well-maintained beard, which by the way, doesn’t necessarily mean a beard that’s short and tightly cropped, can work wonders for your career prospects, your love life, and your general self-esteem.

If you’ve never paid much attention to your beard, now’s the time to start. Even if you are someone who takes great pride in his facial hair — growing the most epic Movember moustache imaginable — we’ll bet that there a few ways you could turn that fuzz into a full-on money and honey magnet.

We’ve rounded up 20 — count ‘em, 20! — of the best, most popular, most indispensably awesome grooming, styling and accessorizing beard products in the world.